What’s Under Your Coat Tools of the Trade

If at any point there appears to be a safety or security concern during operation we will make an executive decision to not utilize the transportation and will credit you citing a security concern for your safety. If you came here expecting to learn that guns are the most useful means to protect clients, you are in for a surprise. Executive protection agents don’t use firearms as often as people may think.

All of our executive protection agents have extensive law enforcement or military backgrounds. Their more advanced training allows them to handle the more difficult and developing situations. Our agents can also blend in with the crowd and be a subtle deterrent, with the ability to react instantly to any situation or crises that may arise. Security guard batons are another important piece of surveillance equipment that security guards use to protect themselves. More importantly, however, they are a weapon that can keep a property safe without even being used.

Before we get to the best executive protection tools, let’s examine the reasoning behind tool usage. Over the years, the executive protection gear list has only become longer. Thus, the rapid accumulation provides little reason to support the claim that the security professional’s toolkit will reduce in volume any time soon. Typically a top executive will contract with a company to provide guards at their home, both for screening visitors at a gatehouse and stationed around the perimeter of their property. Executives may also hire 24×7 bodyguards for their family, similar to those used by celebrities.

A compact and durable kit, it enables you to carry an immediately accessible trauma kit on your person where it is needed most without the tactical look or excessive size of a full kit. Our modern fleet of Private Cars, Jets and Helicopters we can provide, can satisfy the most demanding customer. Every client is a unique individual with their own personal definition of quality.

With the proposed legislation the public is much more aware of the risk and duty of care required of any organisation hosting a public gathering. Protection is all about preventing situations where these skills are need. When you pre-plan and execute in the right way, the need for physical force to protect your clients will never arise. The first on our list of the most useful tools is the Acrylic Training Lock package. It includes a see-through acrylic padlock, which you can use to train your lock picking skills. Based on a pin-tumbler lock – the most common lock type around – it provides an instructive look into its innards.A stun gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker through pain compliance. Touching a person with the prongs on the stun gun or stun knuckles immobilizes quickly or helps create a reactionary/distance gap. It dumps its energy into the muscles at a high pulse frequency that makes the muscles work very rapidly, but not efficiently.