Top 5 Online Fun Games For Your iPhone

Enjoy the huge list of over 100+ free online fun games right in your iPhone. Choose the game according to your liking or interest and start playing straightaway without even downloading the entire game to your phone. New games are being added regularly so there would never be a lack of fun games for you to enjoy. You can also take these fun apps with you anywhere you go since they’re available on the Apple App Store.

Break out into a big adventure with a Spongebob mobile game. Have some fun as Spongebob battles the bad guys and saves the island from many hazards. When you’re done, tap the screen to display your high score and continue the adventure. You can also collect the coins for additional bonuses in this game. A great time management and entertaining game, especially when you’re with friends.

Need more entertainment? Try a new puzzle game called Lumosity. This iPhone game allows you to enjoy brain teasers and brainteasers that challenge you both mentally and emotionally, and it’s totally free to download.

An absolute favorite is the hidden object game called Hide And Seek. The main game involves finding the missing piggy bank and other things in the quest to find the secret location and solve the mystery behind the whole missing piggy bank mystery. Different levels are available to cater to every player’s need to enjoy fun and thrill.

One of the best new games on iPhone is the word game called Scrabble. You have to create a sentence and then try to make as many words as possible within a given time period. You can choose a type of word or a category to enjoy the exciting game even more. Visit gclub to understand what chances you have.

If you want your iPhone to be used for more than just checking your e-mails, then you might want to try an app called iWords. iWords is a typing game that uses your finger to create words. You’ll use the provided picture dictionary to generate your word. Once you think you’ve created the right word, then you hit the ‘Create’ button and your word will be saved into your iPhone. For this game you’ll have to create a number of words, from which you will compete with others. It’s definitely one of the best ways to enjoy fun on the go.

The popular app is one of the most entertaining on the iPhone. This iPhone application lets you play brain games that improve your cognitive abilities. There are two types of camelids: logic games and memory games. For example, the logic game includes word matching, while the memory game requires you to recall colors, names of objects and numbers. You pass through holes and earn points by correctly answering questions about real life situations.

If you find that online fun games on iPhone aren’t enough, then you might want to try a game that allows you to create your very own island. You can build the island using building blocks and then sail it around to find items and cure diseases. You can also create animals and houses to live in. Whatever you do, you won’t have any problems falling in love with this addictive iPhone app.