Our manned guarding teams undergo extensive training

We at Syndicate Alpha Ltd provide Fully Trained and Licensed Security Guards experienced in handling mega security projects and protecting your premises through integrity, vigilance, and professionalism. Cost-effective, and reliable manned guarding London services for short or long term contracts catered to your security needs. Our manned security offers high-quality service, protecting your property from unauthorised access around the clock, whenever you need us. This should give you the ultimate peace of mind that our service will uphold a safe environment, even if you are not there to oversee activity yourself.

We will individually tailor our services to provide you maximum levels of protection at competitive prices. All businesses need a safe and secure environment in which to operate and flourish, achieving this ideal environment is fraught with many challenges. Preventing unauthorised access to your property, preventing criminal damage, theft, arson and reducing the potential for assault are all real risks which must be addressed.

We can provide highly visible security guards, dress down to offer a subtler service or even operate in the same uniforms your employees wear. However you would like your security guards to operate, we’ll make sure our service is tailored exactly to your need. All Prime Secure security personnel are carefully vetted, highly trained and SIA licensed and are perfect for working in educational establishments, hospitals, government offices and more

With SFM’s investment in training, we assure that every person in our safety team has up to date licenses, as well as the accreditations that are necessary. You can be certain that with SFM, a service that is professional met with total satisfaction. Our experienced and professional team will protect and support your premises and staff as well as visitors, clients, and guests alongside guarding assets and protecting property. Our SIA Licensed Security Guards and Door Supervisors are fully vetted, handpicked, and briefed for every job.

Security Guards working at Getaguard undergo continuous training in all areas of customer service and conflict management. Manned guarding serves as a deterrent to thieves and interacts with visitors upon entering your building, as well as securing people and property from potential theft or physical damage. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to keep your building running as efficiently as possible.

Secondly, ourmanned guardingteams undergo extensive training to garner in-depth knowledge and understanding of their environments. Our teams perform to the level that is highest of industry standards, ensuring that our clients receive the very best service. Every one of our manned guarding teams are fully compliant and hold SIA licenses.

We understand that a major factor in success of any event is its management and security. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be committed to ensure everything runs as planned to make any even safe and successful. The security guards at MEC offer a variety of services that will help protect your property from intruders, suspicious activities, vandalism & theft. We understand frustration that comes with trying to find the best security system to ensure that your property is properly protected.

2015 Security provide security dogs where security guards might be at risk… Here at Getaguard, we understand the importance of protecting your property and assets from thieves and vandals. If no one is around to stop them, squatters and passers-by can camp without authorisation, making it difficult to advance your various projects. Able to deliver high quality guarding & customer service to clients & service users. Able to demonstrate and deliver high quality guarding and customer service to both our clients and service users. From fault reporting to the booking and set up of meeting rooms, support tasks can be carried out at the request of our clients.