Neeko Build Guide Mid Lane Lol Patch 12 8

In fact, she had the highest winrate of any champion, almost reaching a 60 percent win percentage before getting micropatched. According to Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon, the patch will be lowering both Neeko’s base attack damage and attack speed. Her attack speed will be significantly lowered from 3.5 percent per level to 1.5 percent. Her attack damage is changing from three percent per level to two percent. Meanwhile, her on-hit damage on her W ability is being reduced from 50 to 170 to 50 to 130. I’ve been playing non-stop on the Public Beta Environment for the past two weeks and trying out all sorts of builds and roles.

Even in the dragonworld the moon shines for Diana. | © Riot GamesDiana was out of the meta for a while until Riot buffed her jungle clear a few patches ago. This change was enough to push her into not only viability, but dominance. For a few patches now Diana has been an S-Tier jungler, and in turn this makes Yasuo a really strong Midlaner. Because of this continued presence Diana has now crept her way into the Midlane because she’s a flex pick.

If Malphite is building full AP, i recommend buying a Hexdrinker or Wits End during the laning phase. Similiar to the irelia style where he can all in with his combo for the easy kill. Keep your distance and poke/auto when his abilities are on cooldown. ExtremeEven with the Range advantage Neeko has over Irelia; She can still all in with her E to kill you easily in lane pre 6. Her ultimate just makes it worse, i recommend rushing ninja tabi vs Irelia. The lane is still winnable as Neeko, Just make sure you can dodge the stun and keep your distance.

His Maid is difficult to kill during the laning phase. Neeko Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Ivern, a hard to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.74% and Play Rate of 1.72% . League of Legends most often picked champions vs Neeko, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity.

It has an incredibly high base damage and scales with 130 percent of your AP making it quite possibly the strongest AoE ultimate in the game. It’s like a mix between a full AP Nunu ult with the stun of an Amumu ult. People rarely played Neeko before the on-hit builds, with the champion sporting a laughable 0.14 percent playrate during Patch 9.4. During Patch 9.5, however, she skyrocketed to an impressive 3.05 percent playrate. She also had the highest winrate of any ADC champion at the time with a strong 54.56 percent.

Extremeif i had to be honest for this match up, AD Neeko isn’t worth versus the pantheon match up, AP Neeko does way better into this match up. But if you want to give it a try, build early lifesteal and try to poke him down with your Shapesplitter empowered autos. Because Swain has much less mana problems and a lot more sustain his champion identity has completely changed.