4 Dangerous Side Effects Of Smoking Dabs

As you breathe in, slowly lift the carb cap to let air into the rig. You’re already breathing and pulling air through the rest of the rig. Lifting the carb cap now just lets extra air in to replace the vapor you’re breathing, so you don’t get stuck with a vacuum.

Cut the plastic bottle cleanly in half and keep the top half. Then, cut a small opening on the bottom edge of the bottle that two stacked butter knives will be able to fit into. Being careful not to burn yourself, remove the knives from heat. Place your wax on the end of one of the hot knives, then use the other hot knife to create a sandwich around the wax. Quickly but carefully place the ends of your connected knives into the opening at the bottom of your makeshift mouthpiece. To smoke wax with a nectar collector, first put your sativa vs hybrid in your heat-resistant dish.

If your dabs are somewhat liquidy, drizzle a little on the end or tap the end in your dabs. The first hits will pull some of the lighter-melted dabs through to the rest of the leaf. Pick your favorite kind of pipe or whatever you have available. Glass spoon pipes crafted for weed or even carved wood tobacco pipes will do the trick. Many people and even medical professionals that say you can’t overdose from marijuana, but now that dabbing is in the picture, people are changing their minds.

On top of that, if you’re working in a poorly ventilated area, it’s possible to die from inhaling too much butane. Allow the butane to evaporate until there’s nothing left except an oily and extremely potent substance. We derive our wax from the “whole plant” using the highest quality flower, groundbreaking preservation methods, and industry-leading extraction methods. If you’re really into the extraction process, you could run the original buds through a third wash, but you’ll have to swish the mix for 180 seconds . If you’re really impatient , you can put the water bath on the stove at low to medium heat until you see liquid start to evaporate.

This article covers what dabs are, what’s in them, how dabbing works, and the potentially dangerous side effects. Take your ground-up weed and sprinkle it evenly across the surface of the pre-waxed paper, and then continue by rolling up the joint in the conventional manner. Give the paper a lick, roll, and then seal it up as you normally would. It’s always fun to smoke wax with a rig, but there is no harm in experimenting with other methods when you don’t have one readily available. The methods explained above are easy to understand and follow, so you can use them whenever you want. At first glance, you may not find any significant difference except for the THC content and production processes in wax, shatter, and resin.

The plant material is strained out, then the resulting liquid is carefully treated to remove the solvent. Wax is produced by heating that liquid to evaporate the solvent, which leads to its unique texture. When using either method remember that concentrates are just that — concentrated cannabis. Due to its higher THC concentration, short- or long-term use of dabs can lead to a much higher chance of becoming addicted or dependent on marijuana. Most people who dab will extract THC from marijuana by pouring butane over the dried flowers.