3.1 responses against wE7&IL12 and uE7&IL12. As shown in

3.1 Expression of wE7, uE7 and IL-12 proteins in Cos7

To study the expression
of wE7, uE7 and IL-12 proteins in cos-7 cells, crude cell lysates were
separated by electrophoresis on SDS-polyacrylamide gel and were identified
using of mouse anti-E7 and mouse anti-IL12 antibodies. Western blot analysis of
cell lysates showed proteins with two size of approximately 35 KDa and 82KDa for
wE7/ uE7 and IL-12 recombinant proteins, respectively. These results confirmed
expression of the proteins as it migrated according to its corresponding size (Fig.1).

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Fig.1. Detection of
recombinant proteins in Cos7 cells by Western blot analysis. Lane 1, a 82KDa
band was observed in pcDNA3.1+-IL12 transfected cells using mouse anti-IL12,
Lane 2, molecular weight protein marker (Sinaclon, Iran); lane 3, negative
results in pcDNA3.1+ transfected cells and lane 4 and 5, two recombinant bands
with size of approximately 35KDa was detected in pcDNA3.1+- wE7/ uE7
transfected cells using mouse anti-E7. The blots were developed with ECL.

3.2 LDH Cytolytic responses

LDH release results
show significantly enhanced CTLs responses against wE7&IL12 and uE7&IL12.
As shown in figure 2, lymphocytes from the mice vacci­nated with uE7&IL12 (67±
2.6)  wE7&IL12 (67± 2.6)  had a significantly increased specific
cytolytic activity at an E/T ratio of 50:1 than those vacci­nated with PBS (12.1%±0.70%),
pcDNA3.1+ (19.1%±0.99%), pcDNA3.1+wE7 (37.4%±2.09%), or
pcDNA3.1+uE7 (41.3%±2.2%) (P


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