25 Refreshing Water Feature Ideas for Your Landscape

Your pump can be mains-powered, or you can choose an easily-installed and put-it-anywhere solar water feature or birdbath fountain. Whatever your budget, you’ll find the water feature for you at Primrose. The second essential piece of equipment needed to build a water feature for garden is a pump of some kind.

This urban backyard makeover manages to fit in places for play, cooking and a small water feature with a remote-control waterfall. This cool-looking fountain made from recycled watering cans and a wash bin is the perfect addition to a country garden. Turn a recycled table top into a beautiful water wall for your garden.

Like having a pool, or even a birdbath, regular upkeep is required to keep it in tip-top shape. But these, too, are usually easy jobs once you get the hang of it. Far from a complicated topic, cleaning your fountain is as simple as using a few drops of dish soap and a soft brush once a week, or at whatever interval you find necessary to keep it clean. Also look around and think about what leaf and yard debris might fall into the water and get caught up inside the drains. You’ll need a larger space for the significant footprint of this fountain.

Turn your fountain into a major outdoor focal point with the help of a few galvanized materials and greenery. Don’t forget the matching watering can for the finishing touch. Add a soothing water structure to your backyard without breaking the bank. Wall Hanging Stone Water Fountain Outdoor celebrates the classic and timeless theme of the protective lion.

People used these vessels out of necessity for drinking water, bathing, washing garments, and even faith-based ceremonies. However, ancients Romans started the trend of using fountains for decorative purposes in well-known places like Rome—the city of fountains. These days ornamental water fountains are commonly found in many locations like small home gardens and large public spaces. A narrow pool of water adds a bold element to any landscape. Here, the mostly monochromatic color scheme complements the sleek style of the water feature. Line the pool with repeating clusters of plants such as evergreens and hostas to create a relaxing, symmetrical spectacle.

The feature uses a careful mix of large boulders, medium rocks and small pebbles for a natural appearance. Selecting extra-large plant material makes the brand-new house and landscape look already well established and will soon provide privacy from the neighbors. For small backyards and patios, a simple garden water feature can still be eye-catching. This glazed ceramic dish and bowl hold just enough water to let sunlight glint off the surface. A glass ball in the basin offers a safe perch for insects and other wildlife that stop by for a drink.

There are numerouse farmhouses, club houses, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, hotels and resorts where our big fountains are installed and working for years now. Same is the case with small fountains for balcony, flats, apartments or terrace gardens. Browse through the biggest collection of stone water fountains in India that works on recycling water and hence ensure little or no wastage of water.

Freestanding models are taller and larger, designed to stand on level ground. While some fountains can be powered by a solar panel, many have electricity delivered by a traditional wired supply. This is an important aspect of deciding where you’re going to place your selection. Okay, so I think gnomes are funny, and I also think there are never enough bears.