What Are the Most Common Reason for Data Recovery?

In information technology, data recovery is often a procedure of recovering inaccessible, lost, corrupt, damaged or formatted data from removable media, memory cards, external storage or files. Data recovery in other areas of computer operation like system recovery and file recovery is also often called “data retrieval”. This is because the work involved in recovering lost information or files is basically the same as in data recovery. In both cases, there are different approaches that are used in the process.

Data recovery on storage media consists of determining the physical location of the lost data. Based on the storage media, it may be possible to retrieve information from rewritable and read-only media. In most cases, data recovery from a write-protected storage media is the only way of retrieving data. However, some write protected storage media including hard disk drives can be recovered using a software tool, if the drive is not physically write protected. Click here for more information Mobile Phone Datarecovery Orlando FL

A physical examination of the hard disk drive helps in the determination of the nature of the problem and thus assists in its repair. Data recovery software are available to detect and repair physical problems of the drive. However, sometimes it becomes impossible to ascertain the nature of the problem and to determine the physical cause of the problem. Only an expert evaluation of the problem by a data recovery software program can help in determining the cause of the problem. Data recovery software programs can be used for various problems such as:

  • Physical Data Loss. Physical data loss refers to the loss of data due to physical damage or malfunction of the storage media. This can include logical damage which may be due to any attack or manipulation of the media. Optical drives are prone to physical data loss due to dust and other particles. Data recovery from optical media is quite easy but it is important to ensure that the data is completely restored or backed up before restoring it with all products.
  • Data Corruption. Data corruption is also one of the most common reasons for data loss and hence requires a serious investigation to determine the exact cause of the corruption. Some common causes of data corruption include viruses, bad sectors on the disk drive, malicious programs and physical damage to the storage medium. Data recovery from corrupting media is quite easy; data recovery process can be achieved using recovery tools that have been specifically designed to recover data from all types of corrupting media including: EDB files, REP, floppy disks, USB and other removable disks.
  • Incorrect Data Corruption. Incorrect data loss include accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, virus attacks and faulty installations. Data recovery from an affected storage device is quite easy, however it is important to first check whether the affected media can be successfully formatted re-installed or reinstalled so as to repair the damaged files. Data recovery from an affected media can be done using third party software applications that have been specially designed to recover data from all types of media including: EDB files, USB and other removable disks, floppy disks and other types of physical media.