How to Wear Silk Long Gowns

A silk long dress can give you that sophisticated, formal look anytime and anywhere. It gives a classy aura if properly accessorized with simple yet tasteful accessories. Although most dresses are easy to accessorize with, some may seem too formal or too casual based on their design. Accessorizing a silk long dress will make it look more fashionable and glamorous with just a few simple steps. Read on to learn how to accessorize your silk long dress with ease.

Silk long gown is segmented into many parts; hence it is called long gown. Sama silk long gown is segmented into many parts; hence it is called long gown. It has a simple, straight lined collar, made from microfiber with a satin stripe. Sleeves are usually square and somewhat loosely fitted at the front with an elastic in the back waist.

To complete the sophisticated look, pair it with either a matching clutch or handbag and some silk stiletto pumps. If you want to add some height, go for a silk puff and silk stiletto heels. For the finishing touch, wear a pure silk scarf tied around the neck. To add a personal touch, choose a pretty hair accessory such as a pair of pretty hair clips.

You can accessorize your long gown with simple yet elegant accessories such as some pretty drop earrings and a pair of pearl drop earrings. To achieve the long flowing look, use a simple but large jewelry set such as a row of earrings or pearl necklace with choker necklace. The pearl is always a good choice because it draws eyes away from the dress itself. Also wear a simple belt made of silk that goes all the way through your waist and then over your shoulders. A silk belt goes very well with this type of dress. Remember not to wear the belt to the floor. You can get more information about silk kimono

For more fun try wearing a silk waist cincher and some silk lace panties. This will create a sexy look that is both sweet and daring. To complete the sexy look, wear some silk stockings and a pair of silk stockings that tie in with your long gown. You can also try a silk thong if you want to take things up a notch!

Remember to take a little care when cleaning your long gown so that you can keep it beautiful for years to come. Do not forget to air dry your dress after every wash. It is also wise to only wash silk once during a week because the shorter fibers are more delicate and dry quickly. If you accidentally spill your silk, blot it up immediately with a white cotton cloth. Dry your dress naturally using a small dry towel or setting the dryer on low.